Our Team

HY-GRID has a pool of competent staffs & management team with wide range of experiences in Oil & Gas, Construction, Engineering Design, Banking & Finance and Supply Chain Management. HY-GRID has secured the services of an experienced legal consultant to provide support in all legal matters and interface with government regulatory agencies.

Key aspect of HY-GRID operational philosophy is to ensure that staffs are continually trained & attend key industry events to enable them seamlessly adapt to rapid changes in the market.

Our core values are: Integrity, Excellence & Trust. With these values we see ‘’no limit, no barrier’’ as we secure a ‘’promising future’’ for both our customers and staffs.

An Executive management team (EMT) is in-charge of day to day running of the Company and reports to a BOARD that ratifies and approves all decisions of the EMT. There is a structured ‘’bottom up’’ approach for decision making within the Company which further provides assurances on all Company processes with a view of increasing customer’s confidence in our products and services.