Company Profile

The company has 100% Nigerian shareholding and is led by directors (S. G. Dan-Obu & Engr. O. Iboroma.) with vast experience within the Oil & Gas sector of our national economy. Company directors have participated in major oil and gas projects in Nigeria for onshore, offshore & deep offshore operations in roles ranging from interface engineering, project management to logistics support services. They are supported by Engr. Eyindah Okey, MD/CEO of BRIANOK Engineering Nigeria Limited, a nationally renowned solar expert with over 30 years of industry experience.

To become a “lean” but very efficient energy company deploying ‘’fit for purpose’’ solutions founded on strong engineering and global best practices.

To install at least 0.748MWP of Solar Panels across Nigeria in the medium term with a view of stimulating socio-economic activities through
• The provision of reliable and clean energy to SMEs;
• Minimise waste and encourage investment through energy efficiency;
• And most importantly to ensure a gradual shift from over dependence on fossil based power generation and significantly reduce Nigeria’s carbon footprint in the long term.

Why CHOose hy-grid?

It is the practice in HY-GRID to directly engage prospective clients to discuss their various needs in terms of size, type, time frame, budget, etc. Benefits accruing from these installations include but not limited:
• Stimulate SME activities in the rural areas thereby reducing rural – urban migration.
• It will lead to creation of jobs that will engage youths in their various localities. Such will include: solar installers, maintenance technicians, dealers of solar products, etc.
• Collaborate with Government to explore PPP initiatives to set up manufacturing industries for solar products that will ultimately drive down the high initial cost outlay (ICO) of solar installation.

Due to this ICO, HY-GRID is putting flexible packages together to ensure both private and corporate individuals have access to uninterrupted power supply from solar and other alternative sources, irrespective of the size of their budget.


Solar indeed is the future as the power generated through this source is noiseless, renewable, without emissions and with a very long lifespan. The life-cycle for solar installation is over (5) five years continuous operation under appropriate design conditions including special care for the batteries. There is a popular saying

‘’batteries don’t die, they are murdered!’’