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HY-GRID is primarily in business to provide affordable, reliable and uninterrupted green and cleaner power supply to ‘’off grid’’ and grid connect customers through the deployment of concise solar electricity system.

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Solar Power slows/ stops global warming:
Global warming is a threat to human existence. With solar panels electricity can be produced without impact to the environment

Solar Power provides energy reliability:
The rising and setting of the sun follow a definite and consistent pattern; hence, making it possible to predict with some degree of certainty the amount of sunlight to reach a particular location on a daily basis. With this in mind and advancement being made in solar panels & MPPT technology coupled with current drive in energy storage, solar is indeed a reliable means of generating power.

Solar Power saves you money:
Installation of solar panels reduces considerably huge expenses on diesel for running of power generators. Also, maintenance cost on solar power is low further enhancing savings.

Solar Power provides energy security:
Nobody can horde the sun and create a scarcity or monopoly. Hence energy generated by Solar allows for security and independence

Our Projects

Federal Ministry of Environment, HQ, Mabushi,Abuja

Installed 40kVA Hybrid Solar

Crescent University, Abeokuta

Installed 70 poles of Solar Street Light

Former Minister of Environment, Iyalla Ogoja, Cross Rivers State.

Installed 20kVA Hybrid Solar